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The Entropy Banner script allows you to create a set of revolving banner images, normally used for advertising. You can upload and delete files, set priority on the images, and set URLs to which each image points. Refer to the Adding Banners page to learn how to add new banners to your rotation.

To set up an Entropy Banner:

1) Click on the Entropy Banner link in the CGI Center area.

2) Copy and paste the indicated tag into your web page.

3) Change your web page extension from .htm or .html to .shtml. This is the required file extension to use SSI (Server Side Includes).

4) Click on the Add Banner(s) button.

5) Search for and enter each banner that you want to upload in the available fields using the Browse... buttons.

6) Click on the Overwrite existing files tick box if you want to overwrite existing files of the same name.

7) Click on the Upload button.

8) If you need to alter the URLs or priority of the images, go to the next step. Otherwise, upload the web page and test the script.

9) Click on the Modify Rotation button.

10) Click on the High, Medium, or Low radio buttons for any banner that you need to change, and click on the Save button. You need to do this for each banner that you need to alter.

11) Enter the URL for each banner image in the Linked to field, and click on the Save button. You need to do this for each banner.

12) You are now finished. Upload the web page and test the script.

Refer to the Modifying Rotation page to change the order of your banner rotation.

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