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The Java Clock Maker allows you to create a real-time, dynamic clock, that counts the time just like a digital wrist watch.

To create a Java clock:

1) Click on the Clock link in the CGI Center area.

2) Choose the time zone and format for the clock in the TimeZone and TimeFormat drop-down lists.

3) Choose whether you want a border or not in the Border drop-down list.

4) Choose whether you want the date to be shown in the Show Date drop-down list.

5) Alter the display and background colors in the Foreground Color and Background Color drop-down lists.

6) Click on the Make HTML button to preview the clock and create the HTML code to make it work. Alter the clock and preview the result until you are happy with the display.

7) Copy and paste the HTML code to your web page.

8) Upload your new HTML page to test the results.

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