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The Disk Usage Viewer enables you to see exactly how much disk space is being taken up by various parts of your web site. Several different viewing options are available:

  • Show Parent Directories - Displays the parent directories as individual items.
  • Show More Directory Depth - Displays directories one level deeper as individual items.
  • Show Less Directory Depth - Displays directories one level higher as individual items.
  • Show Top Level - Displays the top level of the web site.
  • Clear File Usage Cache - Deletes all file usage information from the cache and recalculates all disk usage information.
  • Show Small Files - Displays very small files.
  • Show File Size as bytes/Megabytes - Displays file sizes as bytes or megabytes. There are 1024 bytes to one megabyte.

Most of the above viewing options have a reverse option. For example, if Show Small Files is chosen, Hide Small Files is now displayed.

To use the Disk Usage Viewer:

1) Click on the Disk Usage button on the home page.

2) A list of items that take up space on your web site is now displayed, from largest to smallest. Click on the required buttons to view the use of space on your web site.

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