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So What Do I Get with my Free Web Hosting Plan?

Move your existing domain name here, or get a new domain name FREE with set- up. We provide 25MB of space. This is enough for a typical e-commerce enabled web site. We also allow a generous 1G transfer/month to service our higher traffic users.

We provide 24/7 monitoring and automatic weekly backup of your web site files. Your web site is password protected. Apache Version 1.3.12 servers with Intel Pentium processors provide 99.9% uptime.

We provide 24/7 personal FTP access to your site for uploading and downloading files. We provide sub domains allowing you to expand your web site's scope and visibility by creating sub domains.

Your user friendly control panel make administration of your web site easy. A MySQL Database Admin Panel makes integrating data into your web site painless. A hit counter keeps track of and displays your web site's traffic.

Use your free Banner Rotator to rotate your banner advertisements.

A free and easy to use shopping cart tool lets you build your own online store. Secure your customer's credit card transactions using our free SSL link (Secure Server Link).

Allow visitors to search your site using your Site Search Engine. You also have access to two chat room tools (Java version).

Our hosting plans provide your own private Pop 3 Email Server for your domain. Remote Email allows access to Email worldwide. Email boxes allow you to create unique Email boxes for individual employees or friends. Email forwarding lets you send all of your incoming Email to one account. Email Auto Responders allows you to set up automatic replies to customers. Your Email auto-blocker stops Email spam from reaching your inbox. Keep track of your customers with our handy Email list tool. CGI Email lets you send Emails using forms. Form mail clone is great for custom scripting.

Other Web Hosting Tools Include:

HTML Randomizer:
Keeps your content fresh
Guest Book:
Lets visitors leave messages
at your site
Java Countdown:
A cool tool
Java Clock:
Keeps your page
looking up to date
Bandwidth Stats:
Keep track of your site's
bandwidth usage
Traffic Stats:
Keep track of your web
sites's visitors
Raw Log Files:
Great for use with third party
traffic analysis tools
Error Files:
See where problems are in
your web site
Custom 404 Messages:
For missing pages, etc.
redirects visitors
away from missing pages
Server Side Includes:
Allows you to integrate
many commercial CGI scripts
right into your web site

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