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SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is an international standard in querying and retrieving information from databases. PostgreSQL is, like MySQL, essentially an SQL server and database - it responds to requests for information that are written in SQL. You can communicate with PostgreSQL using a wide variety of programming languages, including PHP, Perl, and Python. PostgreSQL is Open Source software and generally free for commercial or personal use.

The following links provide good introductory information about PostgreSQL :

PostgreSQL documentation - a good source of reference material.

PostgreSQL FAQ

To add a PostgreSQL database:

1) Click on the PostgreSQL databases button on the home page.

2) Enter the name of the database in the Db field.

3) Click on the Add Db button. The database will be added to the /var/lib/mysql folder.

You need to create at least one database user and grant that user permission to use the new database. Refer to Creating a PostgreSQL user and Grant a user's permissions to a PostgreSQL database for more information.

Removing a database
Creating a PostgreSQL user
Grant a user's permissions to a PostgreSQL database

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